About Piedra Paloma

Piedra Paloma born in response to the grounding demand for unique products. The company attends needs from architects, designers and clients who are looking for value solutions, betting on materials whose esthetic and mechanical characteristic are unique at the world of natural stone.


Historically, the firm has extracted blocks from Matagallar quarry at Pedrera (Sevilla, Spain). It was with the crisis arrival and the acquisition of Calatorao quarry when a deep refocus take place. As a consequence, an alignment and specialization at natural stone take placed, transforming each block of Calatorao and Piedra Paloma into slabs and cut to size formats, orienting its activity to products of great.

Currently the company has two quarries and just commerce that are extracted from those quarries. At their modern facilities, the products are treated with great care, looking for excellence in each project. Piedra Paloma bets on a deep knowledge of all  products, giving personalized response to each of our customers. For these reason the firm has specialized in extraction and commercialization of its limestones.

With an ongoing orientation to foreign markets, our products are used in several projects all over the world due to its beauty and quality. Piedra Paloma has its unique material that offers unlimited possibilities. We invite you to discover products full of nature.