Piedra Paloma
Piedra Paloma

Piedra Paloma is a company dedicated to the extraction and commercialization of natural stone that are extracted from our own quarries. Our products, Faces From Calatorao limestone and Piedra Paloma limestone, are unique due to their beauty and high quality.

We invite you to imagine new ways of creating with materials of countless possibilities



Black Kafe Quarry
Black Kafe Quarry

Where Faces From Calatorao are extrated, Calatorao (Zaragoza,Spain)



Where Piedra Paloma is extracted, Pedrera (Sevilla, Spain)


Our products are extracted exclusively from our own limestone quarries. These products are unprecedented due to their versatility and high quality. This fact couplet with the beauty  makes that our products are in projects around the world

The Piedra Paloma® limestone has a homogenous white appearance that makes it an exceptional stone. Its use creates spaces to be lived, mixing beauty and fascination. The solid Physical and chemical proprieties makes that product could be use indoors as well as outdoors, granting elegance at each project that it is used in.

Faces From Calatorao® offer unlimited possibilities due to its shades .Through a careful selection and transformation process of each Calatorao block, Piedra Paloma obtains the Faces From Calaorao®, composed of Devil Face, Kafe Face, Black Face and Gold Face. This  selection  brings luxury and excellence to each project where are used, creating unique spaces foolish of details.


With an ongoing orientation to foreign markets, our products are used in several projects all over the world. The purity of Piedra Paloma limestone and the unique tones of our Faces From Calatorao limestone, grant each project its own singularity.




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  Camino Mina Matagallar , 0,7 km (s / n)
Pedrera (41566), Sevilla , España